Cocktail life style

Everybody said one day to its friends ” we should open a bar”, I don’t really know where it is coming from, probably this feeling of being able to have our own space that we could enjoy with ours friends, but in reality it didn’t really work out!

However, we can still organise a cocktail space in our home, an enjoyable warm cosy space that you could personalise and thankfully for us the drink kart are reappearing in our home.

Here, is a list of drink trolleys that catches my eyes.

drink kart 3
Atkin and Thyme – Halo bar trolley
drink kart 2
Graham and Green – Theodore drink trolley
drink kart 1
Rose and Grey – Zelda brass & glass drinks trolley
drink kart 4
Rose and Grey – Gibson circular cocktail table
drink kart 5.jpg
Atkin and Thyme – Odyssey bar trolley